About Churchlands Estate


With parts of the house dating back to 1540 and the time of the Reformation, Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester, gave the house to his daughter upon her marriage to a clergyman. The land size remains the same to this day.

A new wing was added in 1927, built by Major Curtis (who purportedly invented the horse trailer). He used a London firm of architects and commissioned them to design the new wing in exactly the same style.

It was seconded by the Ministry of Defence in 1942 with the building of Chipping Warden Airfield, used at the time for Lancaster and Wellington Bombers. The house was used for officers quarters and the air raid shelter is still intact in one of our fields!

The MoD knocked down two cottages that stood at the gate and built two new offices nearer the main house. These were used for the development of photo reconnaissance films. By 1990 these had been completely restored and are now private homes.

After founding the Churchlands herd in the 1970s, when he feared his rugby playing days were coming to an end and he was looking for an interest to develop and an outlet for his energies, Philip and his family moved to the estate in 1982. They haven’t altered the buildings but have landscaped the gardens, added a 2¾ acre lake, and a modern farm yard with up to date cattle handling facilities.


About Churchlands Hereford Cattle

Located in the heart of rural Oxfordshire, Churchlands Estate is the home of our outstanding Hereford Cattle herd.


Churchlands Hereford Cattle Bulls

Churchlands have a proud history of producing the finest bulls, with superb muscling and wonderful temperament.


Churchlands Hereford Cattle Dams

The size of our herd allow us to focus on muscling, weight gain, milk production, dark colour and eye pigmentation.


Churchlands Hereford Cattle Semen

Semen from our bulls, including 2007 Bull of the Year, Batavia, is now available from our Hereford Cattle semen bank.


Churchlands Hereford Cattle Embryos

With embryos now available on a contract basis, Churchlands are pleased to offer a Hereford Cattle embryo service.


Churchlands Hereford Cattle Stock For Sale

Churchlands Estate have a selection of top quality, award-winning Hereford Cattle for sale with excellent breeding.