About Us

Churchlands Estate is located in the heart of rural England in Oxfordshire and for nearly 30 years, home to herd founder, Philip English, and the Churchlands Estate herd of outstanding Hereford cattle.


The Churchlands herd of Hereford cattle has been carefully bred and fine-tuned over more than 30 years to produce an animal which excels in health, temperament, conformation, performance and management qualities.

  • UK Hereford Bull of the Year 2007
  • UK Poll Bull of the Year 2007
  • Overall British Male Champion 2007
  • UK Hereford Female 2004
  • Overall British Female 2004
  • UK Poll Female of the Year 2004
  • MEAHBA Small Herd Champions 2006
  • MEAHBA Trophy for Best Cow and Calf 2008
  • Incumbent Overall Hereford Male Champion 2008
  • MEAHBA Sapsed Trophy for Overall Hereford Male Champion 2009
  • MEAHBA Austin/Manning Trophy for Overall Small Herd Hereford Champion 2009

The Herd

As a result of modern breeding and assessment techniques as well as traditional showing activities, the herd today boasts a string of national show awards whilst also excelling commercially. Beef from the herd is keenly sought by the butcher’s and restaurant trades, while bloodlines from the herd are in widespread demand by farmers and breeders worldwide.

2004 was a major turning point when the stud’s Panmure 1 Plum became Overall UK Female Champion and is the dam of Churchlands Estate 1 Batavia, the 2007 Overall UK Male Champion – a unique achievement.

Semen & Embryos

Churchlands Herefords has semen available from Batavia as well as semen from our other Hereford bulls from our bank. For more information, please visit our Hereford Cattle Semen page or call us for more information. Embryos are also available and can be purchased on a contract basis.

For more information about the Churchlands Estate or our award-winning herd, please call 01295 660 571 or email estate@philiptenglish.com.


About Churchlands Hereford Cattle

Located in the heart of rural Oxfordshire, Churchlands Estate is the home of our outstanding Hereford Cattle herd.


Churchlands Hereford Cattle Bulls

Churchlands have a proud history of producing the finest bulls, with superb muscling and wonderful temperament.


Churchlands Hereford Cattle Dams

The size of our herd allow us to focus on muscling, weight gain, milk production, dark colour and eye pigmentation.


Churchlands Hereford Cattle Semen

Semen from our bulls, including 2007 Bull of the Year, Batavia, is now available from our Hereford Cattle semen bank.


Churchlands Hereford Cattle Embryos

With embryos now available on a contract basis, Churchlands are pleased to offer a Hereford Cattle embryo service.


Churchlands Hereford Cattle Stock For Sale

Churchlands Estate have a selection of top quality, award-winning Hereford Cattle for sale with excellent breeding.